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New Zealand's small economy is heavily dependent on overseas trade. Traditionally, a large proportion of New Zealand's exports, mainly agricultural products, went to the United Kingdom.

In the past 20 years, however, New Zealand has adapted to a changing world so that Pacific rim countries are more dominant. Our largest merchandise export markets are Australia, USA and Japan. New Zealand has developed its agriculture and manufacturing industries to suit the needs of niche markets. Dairy and meat exports continue to make a large contribution to New Zealand's economy. Forestry and manufacturing exports have become increasingly important, while wool has declined.

Country a magnet for young migrants
New Zealand is found to be a migration hot spot for the young and educated if everyone who wants to move here were allowed to do so, a poll has found.
New Act comes into force
The new Immigration Act comes into force this week. "This Act will help us improve the efficiency of immigration systems by sharpening some processes," Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman said.
NZ scores fifth place in world prosperity stakes
New Zealand has been ranked the world's fifth-most-prosperous country, with the highest level of education and civil liberties, by an international think-tank.
NZ 3rd on list of migrant's choice as immigration destinations
NZ third on list of migrants' choice