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About us

What is Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd?

Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd has been assisting the migration process to New Zealand for families and individuals for more than 20 years.

Our mission is simple: to help those wanting to start a new life in our beautiful country, New Zealand, and to make the process of doing so as simple and stress-free as possible.

With our many years if experience, we have a high success rate in the relocation of immigrants to New Zealand and our past-and-present clients - no matter the culture, religion or country - have been highly satisfied with the service and support we offer..

Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd has over the years had established business offices in the far reaches of the globe, in areas such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Cairo.

More recently, Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd has assisted people in immigrating from Romania, Jordan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and many other countries where living a safe and healthy life can be difficult.

Setting the Foundations

We travel abroad regularly to meet with potential clients and discuss the options that best suit their needs. Migrating can be a highly emotional and difficult process, so this personal approach and face-to-face interaction sets the foundations of trust and improves the entire migration process; both in the preparation, and when the time comes to travel to New Zealand.

If this is not possible, we conduct an interview via web camera so as to retain the face-to-face element of our interaction, and ensure the client is comfortable with the environment.

With this, we form a 'picture' of the people we are assisting so we can devise where best they can be placed in New Zealand, to ensure quick settlement and prosperity in the future.

We only work with people whose intent is to make a long-term commitment to living in New Zealand.

Integrating with the New Zealand Lifestyle

We understand that moving to a new country can be a time of emotional adjustment, and the staff at Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd are committed to supporting new immigrants in whatever ways possible. We maintain contact with our clients after their arrival in New Zealand, and assist in guiding them through the transition process.

Our clients are required to familiarise themselves with New Zealand laws, culture; and the social and geographical environment.

Our experienced staff understand the life changes involved when immigrating and we aim to provide a level of service that encourages our clients to call New Zealand their home.

A little more about us

Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd are members of the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce.

Lyn Sparks, Director of Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd is a foundation member and a past Director of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI). Lyn has vast experience within the immigration industry. Lyn is now actively involved with the recruitment side of the business assisting employers with their staffing requirements.

Nikki Jones, Director of Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd is a Licensed Immigration Adviser and with a real passion for fairness and justice. With a down to earth approach and open manner Nikki provides a professional, transparent advice and where possible offer solutions.

You could be living in New Zealand now!

Moving to another country can hold many surprises. Having a close association with an organisation such as Business Immigration (NZ) Ltd with its extensive experience in overcoming these issues will greatly enhance the immigration process and make the transition as smooth as possible.

We welcome all
enquiries. Please contact us for further information on how we can help you with migrating to New Zealand.