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Wildlife and Fauna

Whole orders and families are found only in New Zealand: tuatara, moa and kiwi, all of the native lizards, and all the native earthworms (nearly 200 species) to name just a few. Moa (11 species, some up to 3 m tall) became extinct in pre-European times, but many other large flightless birds still remain including kiwi, the nocturnal käkäpö (the only flightless parrot in the world), and weka (of the rail family). Flightless insects are numerous including many large beetles and 70 or so endemic species of the cricket-like weta.

New Zealand has the most diverse seabird fauna of any country (87 species). About 400 different marine fish are resident in the waters around New Zealand as well as various species of seal, dolphins and porpoises. Thirty-two species of whale have been recorded and three of the largest (sperm, humpback and right) regularly migrate here in spring and autumn.